About Cabin Fever

DLRI proudly presents Cabin Fever 2024, hosted at the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge in Kananaskis, Alberta.
Cabin Fever is a faculty development conference where you will have the opportunity to discuss the latest topics and trends in rural medical education. Learn from esteemed physicians, preceptors, residents, and more as they present their research, learnings, and experiences from their rural medical careers.

By the end of Cabin Fever you will be able to:

Update your practice

List and apply at least two ways your practice will change due to attending learning sessions.

Improve training methods

Create a personal toolbox of training methods based on workshop presenter experiences.

Improve learner interactions

Evaluate and apply a variety of communication strategies to enhance interactions with learners.

Meet Cabin Fever's Indigenous Elder

Harley Crowshoe’s ancestry is Blackfoot and originates from the Piikani Nation Reserve in southern Alberta.

Harley has extensive Aboriginal Policing experience with First Nations people in Alberta and British Columbia. Throughout his RCMP career he held supervisory positions and after 20 years of service with the RCMP he retired as rank Staff Sgt.

Harley joined the Aboriginal Policing Directorate as the Regional Manager, responsible for Alberta and Northwest Territories. This provided him the opportunity to continue working closely with the First Nations communities in Alberta and NWT.

Harley has worked for AHS for many years, first serving the AHS Wisdom Council as chair; then the AHS South Zone as the Indigenous Health Senior Advisor; the AHS South Sector as Indigenous Health Provincial Director; and has supported AHS as an Indigenous Health Advisor. Now retired, Harley worked parttime with Aakom-kiyii Health Service guiding their accreditation journey. He also sits on a number of committees, including a Member of the National Advisory Committee on Missing Children and Unmarked Burials.

Harley is a recipient of both the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal, Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation and the 25 Year Service Award from Public Service Canada. He was also presented a Soapstone sculpture and Sacred Eagle Feather in recognition for contributions to the First Nations people of Canada. He was inducted as an Honorary Chief of the Piikani (Blackfoot) Nation – including traditional transfer of sacred eagle headdress.

Meet our Plenary Speakers

We have gathered various respected speakers from the rural medical field and beyond to share their expertise with us.

Amanda Bell

Amanda Bell is a graduate of McMaster University’s medical school and completed a residency in rural family medicine through the University of Ottawa. She has been practising as a small-town family physician in Niagara since 2000 including work in sexual health, adolescent medicine and eating disorder treatment. Amanda is a Clinical Professor in the McMaster University Department of Family Medicine. She has served as the Regional Assistant Dean of the Niagara Regional Campus of McMaster’s Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine since 2017. Amanda completed a master’s degree in health science education and her areas of research include student mistreatment, distributed medical education and scholarly activity in regional medical campuses.

Maureen Topps

Originally from Scotland, Dr. Topps’ medical career in Canada began as an International Medical Graduate in Milk River, Alberta. She recently retired as CEO and Executive Director of the Medical Council of Canada. Dr. Topps previously completed numerous engagements in senior leadership positions in Canada, and extensive work globally through various organizational roles. Prior to joining MCC in 2018, she was Senior Associate Dean Education at the Cumming School of Medicine, Executive Director of Alberta’s International Medical Graduate Program, Associate Dean Postgraduate Medical Education at both University of Calgary and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine, as the inaugural appointee.

Will Gadd

Will Gadd is an athlete and teacher who teaches people how to move better in the mountains. Clients range from elite military personnel to 75-year-old grandmothers and top sports competitors. Will teaches people how to master complex tactics and, most importantly, how to master the mind. With a natural love for the great outdoors, Will grew up kayaking, caving, rock climbing, and more. Will has won three gold medals at the X Games and the Canadian National Sport-Climbing Championships, among many other impressive professional accomplishments.

Workshop Speakers

Dr. Kristy Penner

Dr. Douglas Mhyre

Dr. Mohammed Mosli

Dr. Samuel Ogbeide

Dr. Jonathan Somerville

Dr. Richard Buck

Dr. Jacqueline Hui

Dr. Vanessa Rogers

Dr. Reid Hosford

Dr. Kathleen Moncrieff

Dr. Trushar Patel

Dr. Jon Doan

Dr.Sarah Makhdoom

Dr. Jaelene Mannerfeldt

Andrea Brose

Julie Munch

Halal Rashed

Terry Potts

Jett Penner

Dr. Emma Morrin

Dr. Heidi Rabie

Dr. Sonja Wicklum

Dr. Clark Svrcek

Dr. Tessa Baker

Ashley Leslie

Sandra Andrawis

Kenna Kelly-Turner


Foundational Skills

To support clinical preceptors in the development or renewal of foundational teaching skills, this provincially based initiative was established with the University of Calgary and University of Alberta faculties of medicine. Upon completion of all modules below, please contact DLRI at dlri@ucalgary.ca to obtain a certificate of recognition. Foundational Skills workshops are denoted with an asterisk (*).

1. Fundamentals of Precepting

2. Teaching Procedural Skills

3. Assessing Learners

4. Providing Effective Feedback

5. The Learner in Difficulty

6. Teaching with Technology

Research Presentations

Alisha Ebrahim and Sarthak Sinha PhD

Rurality Predisposes Departure from Gold Standard Care Leading to Delayed or Precocious Access to Surgery: Insights from a Scoping Review

Ephrem Zewdie PhD and Uriel Perez

Awareness and perspectives on the role of artificial intelligence in primary care: Survey of rural and urban primary care physicians in Alberta, Canada

Oksana Babenko PhD

Physicians as lifelong learners in the digital era

Carla Ginn PhD

Connection with the Creator So Our Spirits Can Stay Alive: A community-based Participatory Study with the Metis Nation of Alberta (MNA) - Region 3

Dr. Aliya Kassam

Privilege Breeds Privilege - An Analysis of Capital Using Pan-Canadian Medical Student Demographic Data

Dr. Sudha Koppula

Teaching opportunities for Family Medicine Residents: Towards a Resident Teaching Framework

Dr. Camilla Piatkowski

Improving Confidence in Managing High Acuity, Low Occurrence (HALO) Events Among Rural Healthcare Providers: An eSIM Pilot Project

Dr. Aliya Kassam

Setting Priorities for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility at a Canadian Medical School: Faculty and Learner Perceptions

Mike Paget

How the Cumming School of Medicine is Delivering the New Curriculum

Craig Bertagnolli

The Change to High Performance CPR for Alberta First Responders and What Rural Physicians Need to Know

Dr. Aaron Johnston

Key Priorities in Distributed Medical Education: Results of a National Survey of DME Leaders

Grace Perez

The Library of Life – Stories of Rural Medicine: A Learning Tool in Medical Education


Cabin Fever is returning to the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge. Nestled within the Canadian Rockies, the lodge is a scenic 100 kms drive from Calgary for local commuters or attendees flying in from other provinces.

To book your accommodations, please call 403-591-7711. Use code “Cabin Fever” for preferred rates. Please note that there is limited availability at the Pomeroy Kananaskis Mountain Lodge.


Got questions about Cabin Fever? Browse our FAQs. If you can’t find the answer to your
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Yes, childcare services have been arranged by DLRI, and will be provided during the banquet on Saturday, Feb 3, 2024. Childcare services will be made available for children from ages 0-12 years. food will be made available at the kids buffet for children 12+. However, they are not required to stay for the banquet.
To book your accommodations, please call 403-591-7711. Use code “Cabin Fever” for preferred rates.
To access the conference agenda, please navigate to the “agenda” section of the Cabin Fever 2024 landing page. You can also access both your conference agenda and your personal agenda through the Cabin Fever app available in the app store. Stay tuned for more information about the official Cabin Fever agenda.
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